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The Cupped & Committed brand of game calls is proud to announce the new line hand turned duck and goose calls from wood and acrylic. These calls are made one at a time in Southwest Michigan for die hard hunters by die hard hunters.  

Canada Killer (CK-1) Goose Call


Canada Killer (CK-1) Goose Call


Our Canada Killers are pure honker calls. These calls are fast and a great short reed acrylic call.

Both CK's come with our acrylic gut system.

  • CK-1 is great for those giant Canadians.  
  • CK-2 produces mid to high range tones great for cacklers and small geese.

Other colors will be available in the near future.

The CK name has a double meaning. If you see us at a show and ask us about it will hook you up with some free swag.

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