Growing up on the St Joseph River in Southwest Michigan was the best place a boy could ever imagine!  I had access to a great stretch of the river that was underpopulated and this allowed me to spend hours after school on the river scouting for birds.  As time went by I found a passion for game calls. I loved to look at them, use them and hear all the sounds that they could produce

On many of the weekends in the fall, my Dad and I would spent as much time in the blind as we could, but we also spread our time between waterfowl, fishing and chasing bucks in the deer woods.  We would always be scheming on where the best place would be to hunt or fish the next morning.

As I grew up my parents required all of their children to play a musical instrument.  After attending a brass concert, my love for the sultry sounds of the trumpet was found that night.  This decision turned into a lifelong passion for music and four years in the Western Michigan University Marching Band.  As a musician, I have an ear for creating perfect tone and pitch that is required to produce a high quality call.  After years of research and development I am proud to announce the Cupped & Committed line of game calls.  I have refined the process of producing hand turned calls from wood and acrylic and stand behind my products 100%.  I strive to create every call one at a time at the highest quality.

I would like to thank my wonderful wife Lindsey who has always been supportive of my wild ideas no matter how crazy they seem at the time.  Also, my good friend and woodworking mentor Mr. Bill, who listen to all my complaining about how things never worked out right and always pointed me in the right direction. A big thank you to my father and my #1 employee who shared all his knowledge about woodworking and how to be an ethical hunter. Finally, my two boys Keaton & Clayton. These two always seem to keep me on my toes and can liven up any time.  I am glad that God gave me the opportunity to pass down my passion for the outdoors by hiking, fishing and hunting with the best family any guy could have. 

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Located just minutes from the banks of the St. Joseph river in Southwest Michigan. Still backwaters and sounds of mallard wings whistling, fills the mind on crisp cool fall mornings.  

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